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Compra segura. Tienda online Ibéricos COVAP https://Making a purchase at ibericoscovap.com is very simple and secure
You just need to follow these steps
Ibéricos COVAP

Purchase process

Como comprar. Paso 1. Ibéricos COVAP

Select the products that you want and add them to your cart.

Como comprar. Paso 2. Ibéricos COVAP

Check your cart: calculate the shipping costs and check the total cost.

Como comprar. Paso 3. Ibéricos COVAP

Finish your purchase, following all of the steps indicated here.

Ibéricos COVAP


Are you already registered?

To make a purchase, you must register as a customer, entering your data.

Como comprar. Ibéricos COVAPYes

If you're already registered, start your session by entering your e-mail address and password.

Como comprar. Ibéricos COVAPNo

If you're not registered, create your customer account. Your data will be recorded and you will not have to enter it for future purchases.

Ibéricos COVAP


Are the shipping and billing addresses the same?

Como comprar. Ibéricos COVAP Yes

Enter the address where you want to receive and bill the order.

Como comprar. Ibéricos COVAP No

In this case, in addition to the shipping address, you must indicate the billing address.

Como comprar. Ibéricos COVAP


To correctly receive the shipment, you should provide the following details.

Como comprar. Envío paso1. Ibéricos COVAP

First, you should confirm if it is a national or international shipment.

Como comprar. Envío paso2. Ibéricos COVAP

If you want to request a bill or for us to prepare the shipment for a gift, you should indicate it on the menu.

Ibéricos COVAP


The payment will always be made via credit card or Paypal.

Como comprar. Tarjeta de crédito. Ibéricos COVAP

A comfortable and secure verified payment with VISA. Enter all of your card data requested in this step.

Como comprar. Condiciones de compra. Ibéricos COVAP

Before finalizing the purchase, don’t forget to accept the conditions.