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The excellent juicy meat of the Iberico Pork Shoulder

Enjoy our selection of Alta Expresión Bone in Dry-cured Ibérico Pork Shoulders, a truly exclusive pleasure, exclusive pieces cared for by our master ham makers throughout the aging process, guaranteeing the best quality.

At Ibéricos COVAP, we control the quality from the origin to when the hams rest in our natural curing houses in an aging process of over 12 months.

Buy Iberico pork shoulder online

Buy your Alta Expresión Bone in Dry-cured Ibérico Pork Shoulder online and choose between whole shoulders or if you would like it in a convenient ready-to-eat format, choose between deboned pieces or hand-sliced products.

Bone-in Dry-cured Acorn-fed pork shoulders with P.D.O. Los Pedroches

The Alta Expresión Bone in Dry-cured Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Pork Shoulders are covered by the Los Pedroches Designation of Origin and have very juicy, high quality meat with an unbeatable taste.